Dirt Build vs Spec Home

Buying new homes in Raleigh NC can be a wonderful experience.  Knowing that the new home was built to the latest building codes and energy efficiency standards, your being able to personalize the design of the home, along with being the first person to live in the home can make the process quite exciting!

For a homebuyer, there is nothing more exciting as the prospect of purchasing a brand new home. Whether you dream of custom home construction or prefer something ready and waiting, the idea of creating your own family memories in a never-before-lived-in home is appealing and achievable in today’s market.

While it may seem unaffordable to purchase new homes in Raleigh NC, it is a realistic dream for many homebuyers. It simply requires you to be educated as to how the new home construction industry works, and to partner with a real estate agent experienced in negotiating a new home sale.

Your new home journey begins with an understanding of the different types of new home construction available on the market.  Check out each of the following to learn more about them.


This type of new home construction involves contracting with home builders in Raleigh NC to create a home just for you. You will select one of the Raleigh home builder’s existing floor plans and the home builder will modify the plans to suit your needs and desires. Construction will begin once you and the home builder finalize the plans, financing is secured, and construction permits received.

These types of homes are the ultimate reflection of the homebuyer, as all details can be personalized to suit the homeowner’s style and tastes. However, since construction won’t start until you finalize the purchase with the home builder, you will have to wait several months for construction to be completed before you can move in to your new home.

Inventory Home

This is a new construction home that is already built but that has not yet been lived in. These homes are constructed by the home builder, typically in new neighborhoods, and are designed to showcase the home builder’s skills and talents. Oftentimes, you will find inventory homes from a number of different builders located within Raleigh new home communities.

These homes are ideal for homebuyers who want the new home experience, but don’t want to go through the building process itself. You will be able to move in immediately after closing, but the options you can customize are limited.

Would you like to look at some new homes for sale in Raleigh NC or the Greater Triangle Area?  If you purchase a new home, would you also like to receive a new home rebate of up to 2% the base price of the home?  If so, then reach out to us a Raleigh New Home Realty before you start visiting the communities to help lock in your new home rebate.