New Homes vs Resale Homes

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or you’ve bought and sold a few, there are some great reasons to think about buying a new homes in Raleigh NC from Raleigh Home Builders rather than a resale home.  There are solid lifestyle and financial reasons to consider a brand new home if you’re in the market.



We all know that location is usually the most important selection factor when it comes to buying a home.  It isn’t always about being close to work or play, as it can be related to the future value of the home.  Buyers should consider the neighborhood dynamics, as areas can be in one of three states; growth, decline, or stability.

New neighborhoods in Raleigh NC are carefully planned, thinking of more than just homes and streets.  Real estate developers work with retail and commercial business, as well as with zoning and planning commissions to create neighborhoods that will attract residents with shopping, entertainment and activities amenities.  Rather than paying up for an existing home in a neighborhood that has already peaked in the growth phase, why not consider new homes and participate in value appreciation as the area becomes more popular and matures?

New Homes in Raleigh NC – Features and Amenities

Nobody puts more effort into learning what today’s home buyers want than the new home builder.  It’s a competitive business, especially now that buyers are beginning the process better armed and prepared.  They’ve researched on the internet and most will already have a mortgage pre-approval and know what they can afford.  Today’s home buyers know what they want, and they have choices.

New home builders in Raleigh NC are incorporating the latest features and amenities in their homes.  Whether it is a “great room” living and entertainment” concept, larger bathrooms and closets, master suites or other features, you can bet that they’ve studied buyer preferences and you’re far more likely to find the “latest and greatest” features in a new home.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Utility bills make up a significant cost of home ownership.  While you can retrofit an existing home for higher efficiency, new homes are created as an energy efficient envelope.  The savings can amount to hundreds of dollars each month and thousands each year.  This also makes the home more desirable when it’s time to sell it.

Features, Pricing and Financing Flexibility

Raleigh Home Builders take out loans too.  They are borrowing money to build their homes, and their goal is to get them sold as quickly as possible to cut their costs.  They also in many cases cut deals with lenders to help buyers with special loan terms or mortgage interest discounts.  Some may “buy down” a loan to get a lower rate for the buyer.  After all, this allows home buyers to qualify for a more expensive home they may not otherwise be able to afford.  The existing homeowner rarely has the ability to help the buyer in their financing.

Depending on where they are in the construction process, the home builder has the flexibility to add features or change the home to better suit the desires and needs of the buyer.  Existing homes are pretty much “what you see is what you get.”  Particularly if the home buyer has some time flexibility, they can often get the home builder to modify interior or exterior features for a more custom home feel.  Maybe it’s a nice wood deck that wasn’t in the original plans, or it could be lush landscaping.  Even choosing colors, floor and wall treatments, or plumbing fixture quality is not available to the existing home buyer.

If price is the primary objective, a new home buyer can take the opposite approach.  By working with the home builder to make changes that cut costs, the home buyer can afford more square footage and qualify when they may otherwise be unable to do so.  Home builders have structured a profit into their homes, and there could also be some bargaining room, especially if the buyer is willing to take a home that is finished or almost complete and the builder wants to get it off the books.  Sometimes it’s a model home in a subdivision that’s almost built out.  Even the furnishings may be thrown into the deal.  Some home builders may also offer rebates to help move their existing inventory.

Front-end Capital Expenditure Avoidance

When you buy an existing home, you’re buying major appliances and heating/cooling equipment with varying ages.  Also the roof, plumbing and electrical are all somewhere along the repair/replace line, and there will be expenses.

With new homes in Raleigh NC, you’re getting all new equipment and appliances, as well as all of the structural components.  You also get warranties, so you’re avoiding most or all of the costs of repair/replacement for years into the future.

It’s a New “Personalized” Thing

Working with the home builder, you can have custom features, amenities and finishes installed to make the home uniquely yours.  Even if it is in a subdivision with the same floor plan built at multiple addresses, you can have your custom look both outdoors and inside.

There’s also that “it’s NEW!” thing.  It’s never been lived in by anyone else, There aren’t any previous pet issues, and all of the surfaces are clean and new, ready for even the germaphobe to move in.  You start from day-one in imprinting your family’s unique footprint in the home.

Get a New Home Rebate!

Over and above any rebate you may negotiate with a builder, Rodney McNabb and Raleigh New Home Realty are offering a new home rebate to new home buyers as well.  You can earn a new home rebate of up to a 2% the base price of the home.

Talk to us FIRST!  The single most important requirement to get the new home buyer rebate is to set out a relationship with Raleigh New Home Realty so that when you approach home builders or view homes our relationship is established.  We need to become involved early and we’ll be there to advise you in your home buying research and assist in the myriad details involved in financing and closing.

Home builders in Raleigh NC want to build and sell homes, not handle all of the details of the buyer side of the transaction.   They’re happy to have us involved, and they’re happy to pay our commission because we add value through our services.  We pay this rebate to you out of our real estate commission.

All that you need to do to get registered for the new home rebate is to contact us before you start shopping and visiting new homes.  We will email over a brief form for signature to establish our relationship.

There are a number of questions buyers have asked us many times, including:

  • When can they start looking at new homes?
  • What do they do when they’re ready to do a contract with a builder?
  • Is there a cost to participate in this program?
  • Does this program only apply to new construction homes and in what areas?
  • How can they use the rebate?
  • Are there restrictions to the offer?
  • Is this offer for everyone?

For detailed answers to these questions, we’ve created a series of common questions about new home rebates.  Click on over and see how to participate.  A new home can be the best decision today’s new home buyers can make.